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Brand R1 Cigarettes

R1 Cigarettes

R1 SlimLine and the Pure Art of Smoking Exceptional Cigarettes

Light, ultra light or regular, R1 SlimLine will amaze you through its incredible versatility and implicit style. The advantages of this brand are obvious right from the beginning of the experience and they are focused on each and every important aspect that is related to the idea of quality cigarettes and smoking:
The appearance: R1 SlimLine are perfectly balanced so that you can have them in just about any context you wish, at home, during a business meeting break, or at an elegant reception.
The taste: Nevertheless impressive, the taste is both subtle and intense; it will give you the impression of silk, but it will also add a few fruity notes in order to reconfigure the idea of persistence and freshness. In addition, the taste of the cigarettes is not modified by the tar, so that you will always benefit from an exceptional taste, even when the strength of the cigarette differs.
The online offers associated to R1 SlimLine are incredible really: tons of discounts are available right as we speak and most of them are flexible in nature; that is, if you order more or if this is not your first order, you will most definitely get the opportunity to reduce your total costs with a special discount. The cheap price of R1is a reality today due to the fact that more and more people want to get their hands on this particular variety and the producers understood that by keeping the price low they can sell more than they did in the past.