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Brand Golden Gate Cigarettes

Golden Gate Cigarettes

The Implications of Cheap Pricing in Golden Gate’s Business

As the profit is the main motivation of a business, one may be able to appreciate the great efforts Golden Gate turned in, in order to be able to allow customers to purchase the cigarettes at low prices given the condition of the market, the costs with labor and the level of taxes which perpetually increase. Regarding these aspects, Golden Gate has been able to allow certain information to go public, just to inform its customers about the business, the way it is running and why the price cannot get cheaper than already is:
1.The cost of the materials has been rising during the last couple of years and even though there were adopted various strategies to lower the exploitation costs it seems that there is nothing more to be done in this department.
2.The cost with labor can only be diminished as much as allowed by authorities and one can understand that people working in a tobacco plant are as important as any other and they deserve a decent pay.
3.The tax increases seems to have impacted the price of the cigarettes the most in the last few years and there in nothing that companies can do to lower them; Golden Gate wants to share with consumers this information in order to bring them to the proper understanding that the matter of pricing the products is not entirely depending by the producer. Consumers need to pay the final price, the one resulted after the taxes were added to the original price featured by the products as producer intended.