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Brand Bond Cigarettes

Bond Cigarettes

Bond Street Cigarettes – A Short and Compelling History

As the 20th century moved from the naïve era of the industrial period to the fast times of today, the tobacco industry witnessed a general rapture: three different marketing techniques started to develop, aiming at three different types of consumers:
Cheap cigarettes designed for people living on a budget – they were advertised as such and sold as such.
Medium-priced cigs for clients who wanted a good cigarette but were not ready to spend a fortune. They were by far the most popular of all.
Expensive cigarettes for connoisseurs – they were sold in big cities, especially to people who didn’t have a problem spending large amounts of money on a regular basis.
Out of these three categories, Bond Street was always in the second type; however, as time passed, they managed to come up with exceptional quality at a very cheap price overall. If you take the time to analyze the matter, you’ll soon find out that Bond was, on many occasions, the cheapest cigarette in its class; that is the cheapest high quality cigarette available on the market at a certain moment in time.
Today, we witness a continuous growth in the sales of this brand, particularly because this brand is sold online and is targeted to various categories of clients in the entire world. The ratio between cheap prices and high quality cigarettes brought them the success they enjoy today. It is not in the nature of a brand to reinvent often, yet Bond manages to change its face every now and then and stay ahead of its competitors in both markets: online and local.